Self drive safari

Escape the crowds and the hassle of goin on a safari. With a Jungle Jeep you can go on your own safari. The nature reserves are so big that there is barely any boundaries, and the whole east coast is basivally just one big nature reserve. If you go explore you can expect wild elephants, crocodiles, water buffalos, peacocks and even leopards.

Sri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6291 Sri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6186 Sri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6187Sri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6256 Sri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_3017

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