The jungle jeep is the perfect rent car for those wanting to explore Sri Lanka. Based on the Jeep Willys from 1941 and thoroughly renovated our rental jeeps are authentic, trust worthy and cool at the same time.



Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3088Driving a Jungle Jeep on wild Sri Lanka is simply incredible

Winding roads, wide open beaches, jungle tracks – the jungle jeeps takes you anywhere with style and “comfort”. The Jeeps are reconditioned and in good running condition, however it is classic cars with their little quirks, so don’t be expecting a mint condition collectors car, nor any commodities that you are used to in modern cars. It’s an old vehicle with a few dents, but that’s what’s so awesome about it as well. There is no servo steering but our Jeeps are easy to steer as we’ve made appropriate tyre and wheel adjustments. Our rental jeeps are road worthy and equipped with essentials as seat belts, window wipers, headlights, reverse lights, flash lights etc. The cars have original 4dr5 diesel engines with fuel consumption of about 14km per liter. Be it your rent car for your daily surf missions along the coast, the vehicle for the mountain roadtrip or the off road adventure, our 4wd drive rent jeeps are the perfect pick.

This is the documents you need to drive on Sri Lanka

  • Regular drivers license
  • International drivers licenceSri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6214
  • Drivers Permit issued on Sri Lanka

You must have a valid drives license and apply for an international drivers license in your country. We recommend to go by AA, The Automobile Association. On top of that you need a drivers permit that is issued by the AA in Colombo, or by the RVA. We can arrange all the local permits you need for a handling of 50USD + permit charges if you provide us with photos of your drivers license, passport and international drivers license. With this service everything will be ready for you as you pick up the vehicle.


Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3239Rent a jeep rates

3-7 days – 75USD per day (minimum rental is 3 days)

7-14 days – 50USD per day

14-21 days – 40USD per day

21days+ Please contact us and we can give you a better rate!

We need up front full payment to confirm the booking. We also take a deposit of 500USD given back on return of the vehicle. There is an excess fee of 1000USD on damaged or lost vehicles, that means this is the maximum you must pay in case of an accident. Small damages however are often simple and cheap to fix.

Ok, I want to rent one!

Unfortunately we don’t take any bookings right now.