The freedom to have your own vehicle during your stay on Sri Lanka is amazing. Go anywhere you want any time. The traffic on Sri Lanka can be challenging at certain places and sitting high in a Jeep is a big advantage, both when it comes to safety but also when it comes to right of way. The bigger, the better.

What do I need to drive on Sri Lanka?

  • Regular drivers license
  • International drivers licenceSri-Lanka-Yala-National-Park-Elephant-Wildlife-Safari-Jeep-Roadtrip-IMG_6214
  • Drivers Permit issued on Sri Lanka

You must have a valid drives license and apply for an international drivers license in your country. We recommend to go by AA, The Automobile Association. On top of that you need a drivers permit that is issued by the AA in Colombo, or by the RVA. We can arrange this permit for you for 50USD if you provide us with photos of your drivers license, passport and international drivers license. With this service everything will be ready for you as you pick up the vehicle.